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The RIO Eggfood Red has been developed specifically for nourishing and enhancing the red colouring of canaries, chaffinches, goldfinches and other birds with a red feathering. This food contains natural red pigments, canthaxanthin and β-carotene, famous for their quality of maintaining and enhancing the birds’ natural colouring. This is especially important for chicks and for birds during the moulting period, when feathers are formed and start to grow. Using the food.

  • bakery products
  • vegetable products
  • sugars (including honey)
  • egg and egg products – 2,2%
  • Niger seeds
  • vegetable oil
  • yeast
  • minerals
  • protein — 15%
  • fats — 11,2%
  • fiber — 2,5%
  • calcium — 0,6%
  • phosporus — 0,3%
Instructions for use:
  • Depending on the size of the bird, the daily dosage of the egg feed is between 1 and 2 teaspoons.
  • To prepare, moisten the feed by adding several drops of water, sprouted seeds or a fruit and veg mix.
  • Place the prepared feed in a separate feeder.
  • Remove the remnants of uneaten feed every day.
  • Adult, healthy and non-moulting birds should be offered the feed 2-3 times a week to enhance their colouring and to provide additional nourishment.
  • During moulting, the feed can be used every day. It is preferable to start giving the feed two weeks before the start of moulting and to continue giving it until the end of moulting.
  • Breeding birds should be given the feed from 2-3 weeks before the first egg is laid and until the birds stop feeding their young.




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