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IMPERIAL CARE Odour Attack is an ultra compact clumping cat litter with advanced odour-fighting technology, offering immediate and lasting effects. It is also enriched with fresh Green Garden Aroma that is released every time your cat uses the tray.The new advanced science™ formula in IMPERIAL CARE Odour Attack is the ultimate odour eliminator, ideal for odour-less trays and satisfied cats. The technologically advanced fragrance with odour-fighting molecules in IMPERIAL CARE Odour Attack target the very source of fecal and urine components, offering immediate and lasting transformational deodorization with fresh Green Garden Aroma.

Furthermore, it is ultra-compact and forms quickly strong clumps, making the cleaning process of the litter box effortless and fast.

It is available in convenient 6L and 10L carton boxes.


Imperial Care

Imperial Care
Litres (L)

10L, 6L


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