Imac – Cage For Birds Matilda White / Sky Blue – 58cmX38cmX71cm – 143cm



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Matilde cage for canaries, parakeets and exotic birds including pedestal with swivel wheels. The characteristic of this cage is the openable roundish roof. Placing the branch-shaped perches between the two openings this cage becomes a refuge for your birds, free to fly away and to return to the base at their leisure. Available in two color combinations: brass-plated mesh with base and pedestal in brown plastic, or galvanized mesh and base and pedestal in blue avio plastic. For a very practical cleaning of the cage it is sufficient to remove the drawer from the bottom, while to access the interior for routine maintenance, Matilde has three openings, one frontal and two lateral. Maximum comfort is guaranteed by the accessories that complete this cage: the branch-shaped perches, the Tibetan ladder, the Mia feeders and the Tweety drinker.




Galvanized, White/Brown, White/Coral


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