Imac – Cage For Birds Cova 65 – White/Blue 67cmx34.5cmx43.5cm



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Large in size, Cova 65 completes the series of these cages for canaries and exotic little ones. Two cages in one, thanks to the comfortable divider included which creates two sectors, allows you to separate when your birds are needed. By removing the Cova 65 partition it becomes a spacious cage that ensures the well-being of your feathered friends. The anti-dirt grid on the bottom, designed for the health of your birds, also guarantees safety by avoiding the flight of birds during cleaning operations. The openings placed frontally and laterally facilitate the maintenance and the insertion of food inside the cage. Cova 65 comes complete with four Mia feeders, two Tweety drinks and six perches.

Size: 67cmX34.5cmX43.5cm




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