Imac – Cage For Birds Ava 42x26x42cm



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Ava the cage for small canaries and small exotic but very pretty, thanks to its rounded sloping roof. The chromatic combination of the white painted metal mesh structure with the strawberry red plastic bottom make this cage pleasant to the eye. For thorough cleaning, simply release the bottom thanks to the practical side clips. Instead, for daily and quick cleaning, simply pull out the front drawer. The two small doors, one front and one side, allow easy access to the cage for normal maintenance operations. The Ava cage is completed with the necessary accessories to welcome or host your little friends in the best comfort: two perches, a swing, a Tweety 100 drinker and two Mia feeders, ideal for pouring food without removing them from the cage. Equipped with a handle for easy transport or for hooking it to the Cage Holder 214 or 216, so as to position it in the most suitable place in your home.

Size: 42x26x42cm




Brown/Gold, White/Blue


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