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The active SILVER IONS in IMPERIAL CARE attack the bacteria responsible for the bad odour in the used cat litter and prevent their growth providing optimum odour control.

IMPERIAL CARE Silver Ions combines the effectiveness of saponite (bentonite) clay with the well-known Silver Ion technology*.

IMPERIAL CARE Silver Ions is a new generation of antimicrobial clumping ultra compact, unscented cat litter with a unique antimicrobial agent. The Silver Ions agent is attracted to the bacteria that are responsible for the bad odour in the used cat litter, breaks into the core of the bacteria and inhibits their growth for superior odour control.

The Silver Ions technology is so effective, that eliminates 99,9% of bacteria! 
Therefore, IMPERIAL CARE Silver Ions cat litter guarantees a much more hygienic environment for you and your cat. It is also ultra-compact and forms quickly strong clumps and as a result it causes less tracking and less dust.

It is available in convenient 6L and 10L carton boxes.



Litres (L)

10L, 6L


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