Bio-Pro/Urine Off – Pet Can Fogger 20ml

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Wine drips on tablecloths, white shirts or upholstery…These stains have long been considered difficult (if not impossible!) to remove.
Now, Bio-Pro Research is proud to introduce the solution to these cleaning dilemmas:WineOFF! With our specially developed formula
of friendly bacteria and enzymes, WineOFF actually “eats” the stains, leaving your clothing, table linens and carpeting stain-free.
WineOFF is also effective on many food residues and other organic stains. Made with nature-based, non-toxic ingredients, WineOFF
is safe to use around people and pets. The biodegradable ingredients are environmentally friendly as well. WineOFF has been awarded
USDA BioPreferred® designation as a USDA Certified Biobased Product.


Bio-Pro / Urine Off


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