8in1 – Bone Delights Chicken S 40g

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The meat encourages your dog to chew, nibble and gnaw away. The crispy meat snack 8-in-1 Delights ensures
long chewing fun that your four-legged friend won’t be able to get enough of! The good-quality meat used in
8-in-1 Delights chews and sticks make them simply irresistible for any dog. Meat chunks at the edge arouse
delightful anticipation of the juicy chicken within. You can be sure that your dog will leave no left-overs.
Juicy! Meaty! Chewy! – fantastic chewing fun for your dog, and clean gratification for you.

Better still, 8in1 Delights are not just simple chews. They also promote your dog’s tooth health. Nibbling and
gnawing strengthen jaw muscles, clean teeth and massage gums. An altogether healthy and delicious snack
with a really special taste.





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