The Labrador Retriever originates from the United Kingdom and was formerly called a St. John’s Dog of Newfoundland.
The Labrador Retriever was initially seen with fishermen in Newfoundland, helping in retrieving fish since they are great water-dogs.

Labrador Retrievers are good-tempered, agile, active and utterly loyal to their owner and family. They are naturally friendly and playful with an excellent drive.
They are highly versatile service dogs, working with various fields as guide or search and rescue dogs, disabled-assistance, carting and therapy. You can say that
Labrador Retrievers are the most popular as a family pet and have great relationships with children.

Colour: Completely black, yellow or chocolate
Coat: Distinct breed characteristic; short or dense, without waves, fairly hard to touch, with water-resistant undercoat.

Why does Royal Canin create a specific kibble for Labrador Retrievers?

The hole in the middle increases the volume of this kibble making it too hard to bite into. This helps reduce ingestion speed, especially in Labradors,
which are well known for wolfing down their food.

Did you know?
As a distinctive feature, the tail is very thick at the base, gradually tapering to the tip. It is medium length, giving it a rounded appearance described
as an “otter’s tail”.

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Source: Royal Canin The Dog Encyclopaedia, Dominique Grandjean & Franck Haymann, 2012