Royal Canin – Bulldog Junior 12kg

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This new Royal Canin Bulldog Junior is a tasty complete food perfect your pup!

The feed encourages a good balance of intestinal flora and helps ensure optimal digestive tolerance thanks to an exclusive combination of prebiotics and L.I.P proteins of very high digestibility.
BR/>The mix helps support the correct development of joints and helps maintain optimal weight for your four legged friend.

Composition and Nutrition: Ingredient(s): Rice, dehydrated poultry protein, animal fats, vegetable protein isolate*, dehydrated pork protein, hydrolysed animal proteins, vegetable fibres, beet pulp, minerals, fish oil, soya oil, fructo-oligo-saccharides, hydrolysed yeast, hydrolysed crustaceans, marigold extract, hydrolysed cartilage.
Feeding Guide (approx/day): Adult Target Weight: 18kg, 20kg, 22kg, 24kg, 25kg, 26kg, 28kg. 1 month: 130g, 141g, 144g, 147g, 148g, 150g, 153g. 2mnth: 231g, 248g, 253g, 257g, 260g, 262g, 267g. 3mnth: 276g, 298g, 307g, 315g, 319g, 324g, 332g. 4mnth: 297g, 321g, 331g, 341g, 346g, 351g, 361g. 5mnth: 304g, 329g, 345g, 361gp, 369g, 377g, 393g. 6mnth: 304g, 329g, 353g, 378g, 390g, 401g, 423g. 7mnth: 282g, 306g, 351g, 375g, 387g, 399g, 423g. 8mnth: 263g, 286g, 318g, 340g, 351g, 371g, 393g. 9mnth: 240g, 261g, 285g, 305g, 315g, 345g, 366g. 10mnth: 218g, 237g, 255g, 272g, 281g, 316g, 334g. 11mnth: 216g, 234g, 252g, 270g, 279g, 287g, 304g. 12mnth: 215g, 233g, 250g, 268g, 277g, 285g, 302g.


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