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Vet Diets

Food Sensitivity

The Royal Canin Nutritional Solution Food Sensitivity Sensitivity to the proteins in food can result in a variety of clinical signs. Only your veterinarian can determine if a veterinary exclusive diet is appropriate for your pet. If a diet change is recommended, for best results, it is very important to[…]

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Uninary Health

Urinary Tract and Bladder Health When it comes to cat and dog bladder health, feeding a diet made with the right balance of high-quality nutrients is important. Mineral excess can foster an environment that encourages the formation of crystals in the urine, a primary factor in the development of uncomfortable[…]

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Digestive Health

Digestive Health Support Healthy digestion is an essential component to your pet’s health and wellbeing. Diet and maintaining a healthy weight for your pet are important components of managing your pet’s general health. Only your veterinarian can identify if a veterinary exclusive diet is appropriate for your pet. If a[…]

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Healthy Weight

Maintaining a Healthy Weight The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention’s 2013 Survey estimated that 52.6% of the US dog population and 57.6% of the US cat population is overweight or obese. Since a pet’s frame is so small compared to a human’s, just a few extra pounds can have a[…]

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About Petway

Petway Ltd is a leader in the marketing and distribution of pet products in Cyprus. Petway was founded by Philippos Philippou in 1993 and has been the distributor of Royal Canin ever since. Our mission: to serve the needs of pet lovers with high – quality, premium products and build[…]

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